Vodou Series | Karma

  1. Q: Can you talk about the evilness in voodoo. People often talk about how someone did ‘Voodoo’ on someone else to harm them. How does that work? Is it easy to harm someone?

A: It’s karma. You do evil, you receive evil. When a person harms you and you go to a manbo or houngan, whatever they do to the other person is going to come back to them in another way. Personally, I am different. If someone harms me, I don’t need to go to a houngan to find justice, I don’t even need to light a candle. Once I cry, I find my justice

However, one must keep in mind that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ depend on which viewpoint it’s being looked at. For example, if a person goes to a houngan because they want to kill their husband who’s been beating them up, you may think it’s a bad thing but you don’t know how long that person has been suffering this abuse. Good or bad is subjective. From your perspective, it may be bad but from someone else’s viewpoint, it may be a good deed. In this aspect, I don’t really like to judge. It depends

I like to say it’s karma. If someone throws a rock at you, you don’t necessarily always have to throw one back though because sometimes when you react there are side effects. You should let God and the Lwas judge and act on your behalf

I really cannot tell you why it is easier to do evil than good. But evil [magic] is always easier to do. If I want to do harm, I know 2 simple ingredients I can use to harm someone, to poke that person. You can poke them with a mirror and a knife or a calabash squash and a knife. No, not with a doll. It’s very simple. You go before Baron, you ‘call that person’ to the mirror, there are certain things to do but it’s easy. Unlike when doing good [magic], when you want to do someone good, it always takes a while to kick in

Answered by Arry @timazak81 🌸