Anse à Veau: You Give Me Life

Location: Anse- à-Veau, Department of Nippes

At the edge of a mountain
Overlooking the sea of Anse- à-Veau

My skin refreshed by the cool breeze’s
Smell of coconut water

This IS the good life..

Every creation is a reminder of the creator
And my being is giving thanks
For this. For now. Forever and beyond.

P.S.: The beach was great! The black sand was beau-ti-ful.
The crazy waves would have been perfect for surfing. They were so strong, we were being propelled to the shore only to be dragged backwards moments later. We were having so much fun ducking the huge ones. In the words of my uncle Jojo “great massage!”
I slept like a baby last night 😉

P.P.S.: Oh and yeah of course I bought some Dous Makos on our way back from Petit Goave. Yum! Hands down my favorite dessert after chocolate cake.

Trivia question: Do you know the exact location of where the Dous Makos recipe originated in Petit Goave?


No worries it’s Palais Sans Souci

Location: Palais Sans Souci, North Department

In case you didn’t catch on: Sans Souci means Without Worries 😀

This place though! My gosh. I would give up ten years of my life (okay maybe five..) to go back in time just to see what this place looked like in the 19th century. Back when Henri Christophe’s royal family and all the mighty soldiers lived in it. With it’s immense botanical gardens, artificial springs, huge horse stable…Wow

Despite being mostly destroyed by the quake of 1842, the palace, now an empty ruin, is still grandiose. The architecture strategically envisioned is spectacular.

Our tour guide did a great job showing us around while giving us a history of the place. It’s sad that we have to look in the past to see how strong, powerful, ingenious, brave Haitian people are. It was therapeutic to learn about my past and essentially myself.

They also had an artisanal store so of course we bought a few goodies. Enjoy the pics and stay greening!

Eden’s Fair at L’Infini

Location: L’Infini, Kenscoff, West Department

Steep, narrow steps led us to a magnificent structure built almost entirely with rocks. The name Infini — infinity — suited it well Its tall ceilings gave a feel of complete freedom and openness. Letting the sun rays and cool breeze of the mountains travel freely through its door-less and window-less walls

Inside we found a handful of art works and clothing vendors And a random person selling tea.. with no samples. Down some steps were kids having fun in the bounce house. We followed a long path bounded by bamboos which led us to the plant vendors selling their plants and flowers 3 times the price of how they usually sell them in the streets

The few buying options quickly left us bored with the event I ate some accra –fritters–, fries with pikliz – spicy salad. While the carnivores ate hamburgers
Then we left.