Vodou Series | Possession

Q: What’s it like being possessed by a Lwa? Can you share how that manifests in your life? Do the Lwas show up only during a Vodou ceremony?

A: I was 7 years old, the very first time a Lwa possessed me. It happened following a terrible car accident involving the 6 of us. Only my mom and I survived. My father, two brothers and sister, all died in the crash. But my dad had a Guede Lwa called Bot Kod Lakwa who ‘danced in his head’. My leg had broken in 3 different places. I don’t recall this but people told me afterwards, that this Guede Lwa took over as I laid in the hospital, claimed me and said that he would take all the pain away from now on if I allowed him. It’s as if I was anesthetized the entire time, I felt no pain during surgery or whatsoever.

Often in my experience when one is possessed by a Lwa, you are in a sleep state, you are not aware of what is happening. When you regain consciousness, you have no idea what just occurred. Other times, it’s as if you are watching a movie, Netflix lol, you are distanced from your body and you are looking at yourself doing certain things. Like Is this really me? Since when do I know how to do this? As if you are here but not really there. You are in and out of consciousness.

Lwas don’t only take over during a Vodou ceremony, they come whenever they want, when you’re having a problem etc… as they say “They are grown, they are energies, they come when they please”. For example, this one time there was a terrible thing happening in the middle of the night and the Lwa Agawo took over me and I was awoken to take care of the issue and do “tretman’ for the people in the Lakou. But you always feel their presence or get the feeling that they’re about to come.

My mother for example was possessed for 2 days straight by a Guede Lwa who was so excited about the celebrations to come in his honor so when she regained consciousness she had to take an IV because she was so weak (from not eating on those days). Personally, a Lwa once woke me up at 6 AM and told me it’d be staying for 2 days, you just never know when they’ll come

Answered by Arry Mazaka, Houngan Asògwe

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