Vodou Series | Lwa

Q: But what exactly is a Lwa? A dead person? Who created it? And why must it be served?

A: The language of Vodou itself is to get in more harmony with nature and the universe. And through that situation we feel that you will reach the best self that you can be and serve the best purpose that you can serve. That means living in harmony with the lwas | spirits around us.

Some people interpret ‘serving’ to mean ‘degrading yourself’ but the best translation I’ve heard for it is ‘be helpful to the lwas so that they may be helpful to you’. It’s the understanding that the universe doesn’t just need to ‘service’ us we also need to ‘service’ it. We service the lwas, so that they may service us.

It’s being conscious of your existence in this world and knowing that what you do, does have an impact. That you cannot just do whatever you want because you feel that you won’t have an impact; either because you feel too small to make a significant impact or that you feel too important to bother making one. So, in Vodou it’s more about harmony than it is about subservience.

Answered by Jean Sebastien Duvilaire, Houngan Asògwe

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