Vodou Series | Dreams

Q: You mentioned getting messages in your dreams. What is the importance of dreams for a Vodwizan? And by dreams do you mean lucid dreaming (aware that you are in a dream) or astral traveling (willful out of body experience)?

Dreams are very important for a Vodwizan. They are important for everyone. There are certain messages you don’t receive when you are awake, so they come to you in your sleep. I’m talking about regular dreams.

Now astral traveling, that’s also part of Vodou but one must know how to meditate. When you are a servant of Lwas, you must meditate. Meditation helps a lot with concentration. That’s why I always tell people, you must prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually so you can be a good Vodwizan and serve the lwas.

I’ve astral projected once, my child was in Miami, I was lightly asleep when suddenly I realized I had travelled to Miami. I found myself massaging my son’s stomach and talking to him because he was saying he wasn’t feeling well. Once my consciousness returned in my body, I called my wife and asked to speak to him. When he got on the phone I said “What’s up doc?” and he replied “Daddy I’m doing great because you came and you massaged my tummy”. My wife commented that he must have been dreaming. I just agreed with her but really I know it happened because I saw myself actually going there and massaging him.

So that’s real. A lot of people, the elders don’t know that meditation is a part of Vodou but it is. Because it’s important to focus and do your work properly. One should wake up in the morning and mediate and again in the evening. Meditation is a part of Vodou.

Answered by Arry Mazaka, Houngan Asògwe

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