Vodou Series | Curse

Q: Will you be cursed if you stop serving the lwas? Is it true that people who want out, can have terrible things happen to them or develop mystical diseases with no scientific explanation or that the curse falls on their children? Do you like being possessed? Do you have free will to decide to not let them possess you any longer if you so wish?

If I ever wanted the lwas to stop mounting me, I could just talk to them, tell them I’m getting old, I can’t do it anymore, I can’t take these kinds of turbulences anymore and I could try to do spiritual readings for people and find other ways. I could just get messages from them in my sleep if say, they wanted me to deliver a message to someone. They’ve done this before, you understand? That wouldn’t be a problem.

And IF I also decided to stop serving them altogether, they wouldn’t give me any trouble either. I would just do one last beautiful dance for them, feed them and just wash my hands from it, say that I’m done. But as the people say “M asire anba l’ONA, mwen m asire anba pye lwa m yo.” That’s not even a thought of mine.

There is a difference between Guinen Lwas, our ancestral Lwas from Africa, and when someone goes to buy a “pwen”, an ‘angajman”.

For example, say someone went to by an ‘angajman’, what people call a devil, it’s not a devil it’s an engagement / contract that you just put in your home. You just bought a ‘pongongon” and welcomed it home. Now when you decide to leave it, it might cause a sort of a ‘side effect’ on you. It will cause a negative reaction / consequence. You went looking for trouble.

But when you have a natural, ancestral spirit by your side, there is no side effect. Only thing is, since you’ve decided to no longer have anything to do with the lwa, it may go find another family member because it’s an ancestral, familial spirit. But people who go buy a ‘pwen, pongongon, dyab’ to get rich for example, and decide to ditch it after they get their money, bad things happen to them. As the people say ‘se li ki tal cheche pongongon, pongongon boulvese l’.

Back when I was a youth, I used to be upset about getting possessed ‘why me? Why all this?’ but then I realized that whenever the Lwa mounts me it is doing a good thing by helping other Vodwizan, other children of Guinen. So I’ve accepted it, it no longer bothers me; I’m happy. My vow was to shed light on the path of all the children of Guinen, all Vodwizan, all Haitians. I will give my all for that. And if I must be mounted by Lwas to do so then I’m happy with that 100%

Answered by Arry Mazaka, Houngan Asògwe

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