Vodou Series | Bible

Q: Is there a reference book for Vodou like there’s a Bible for Christianity?

A: “There are certain books through which you can learn about #Vodou but to truly know you must ‘put your hand in the dough’ as they say.

Personally, I was born in Vodou. I became devoted to Vodou. I grew up in Vodou. I may just die in Vodou. My mother taught me, my grandparents, my aunts… they were all manbo Asògwe. M fèk kare nan Vodou!”

Answered by Arry Mazaka, Houngan Asògwe


In my personal reflection on the study 📖 of Vodou, I can’t help but wonder why it wasn’t until I attended the University of Florida that the subject of Vodou was presented to me as a scholarly matter; worth exploring; worth learning. Despite that I never took the class. I thought it was ironic that the teacher was a White African man who had taken the time to learn kreyòl. He spoke it eloquently to a fault. Perhaps it was prideful ignorance. Perhaps it was fear. Surely it was both

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