Intro to Mirebalais

I always wondered why men are allowed to roam shirtless and women don’t. Well, women could but it would definitely not be considered normal in most countries. Which is so unfair.

You must imagine how refreshing it was for me then to see an elderly woman in Ledier, Mirebalais sitting in front of her porch facing the main road, legs crossed on her ti chèz ba sunbathing her breasts with no fucks tucked in her absent bra.

How’s that for an introduction to Mirebalais?!

Approximately 60 km northeast of Port-au-Prince, one can opt for the noise-less, pollution-less, and slow-paced-ness scenery of Mirebalais. Who knew?! Well now you do wink wink

The view is breathtaking. The fruits are cheaper than in the capital. But aside from these typical perks of the Haitian countryside, there is a lot of social work to be done here. I met a local who mentioned how there are really no good schools in the area, some have to walk for at least an hour to get to school, and the job options are very limited once one graduates.

There is so much to be done outside the capital. Socially and economically, there’s a lot of land not being used for production for various reasons (no funds to take care of the land or to buy seeds or fertilizer, lack of water, lack of know-how). I got to meet some of the farmers around the area a few months back and they are really cool people. They’re not looking for hand-me-downs, they really just want to be able to produce and actually sell their stuff to make a living.

Lately my desire to move on a farm and do the same has been growing more and more. I don’t know anything about farming yet lol but I’m sure it will all come in due time.

So far, Willy, the guy who’s been taking care of the farm has grown beans, peas and different kinds of fruits. We plan to plant some spicy peppers next. It’s really exciting. I find myself actually collecting the seeds from my fruits now; It’s time to give back to mama Nature who’s been so kind to me…

That is all for now. Every journey begins with a single step and I am finally wiggling my toes in the mud. Ouh yeah. And you can join too. I’ll definitely be posting more about Mirebalais so #StayWoke!

Peace and Love Earthlings 🍃

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