Hike To Seguin: A Must

Location: Seguin 

Last weekend was awesome.

I went on a hike to Seguin for the first time. Aaaall the way up the southern mountains of Port-au-Prince! It ended up being a couple’s retreat type of thing which I didn’t even know I needed and it was quite lovely. I strongly recommend any couple to go on a hike together or really just do anything out of the ordinary together. It’s a great opportunity to grow in love 🙂 and if you’re single no worries you’ll feel just as enamored with nature.

So the plan was to hike up there, spend the night and come back down the next day. We were originally planning to stay at the only hotel there, l’Auberge, but we were able to find cheaper accommodations thanks to my wonderful friend Ronald who works for the Seguin Foundation. Food options can be limited up there (unless you go shopping at Jacmel which is further south) so we just purchased our own grub the night before.

Early in the morning, we left Port-au-Prince, drove up the Kenscoff road for about an hour, paid a motorcyclist  750 Gdes to bring the grocery bags up, left the car in front of a boutique (NOT the safest idea. I learned that it’s possible for people to steal fuel from your car by sucking it out. Who knew?) Alas the ascension begun. insert mortal combat theme song


OK.Let me tell you something about myself. Up until that day I lived a very sedentary lifestyle. I was just on vacation OK? My days included Netflix, Eat & Nap. So about 20 minutes into this hike, I realized “oh my goodness, what the hell did i get myself into?”. 20 minutes down with 5 more hours to go!!! I mean, there was no turning back at this point. So I really took it one step at a time, taking a pause at every single big rock I could spot along the way. My lover was beyond supportive, the climb would have definitely been harder without him.

He held my hand the entire time telling me “you can do this, it’s mind over matter, you’re just not used to it yet, trust your body”, taking numerous pauses with me when the rest of the group was way ahead of us, he let me nap on him, kissing my hand, carrying my load at times. He even gave me his shoes when my boots fell to pieces and the tape couldn’t hold them together anymore. Until finally! Through my nausea and dizziness, our sore feet made it to the very top of Mòn Kajak where a car was waiting to take us to Fondation Seguin.

We saw a lot of merchant ladies along the way heading down with huge piles of carrots and parsley on their mules. We got see Trouine Marasa, two pretty sinkholes right next to each other hence the name marasa which means twin.

We also went to the beautiful waterfall at Parc La Visite… the scenery is so lush and peaceful and cool, you really just want to take your time to enjoy the stillness of it all.

I came back totally refreshed from this trip. Feeling much stronger physically and deeply satisfied. Aside from feeling confident in my ability to climb up and back down (that came with its own challenges), I was very happy to have met one of the couples who joined us: Kika and Dan, 2 young people traveling the world on their sail boat, defining their own reality and having fun while making a living. I learned so much just by observing and talking to them. It blew my mind that a girl I went to school in Haiti with could be just like those travel vloggers I love watching on Youtube! It’s one thing to watch someone else do it on Youtube, but a Haitian girl ?!!!! That’s so friggin awesome.

With courage and planning, we truly are capable of living the life we want no matter what our family or friends view as normal, the choice is ours. I thank them for reminding me this once more as I am currently shaping my life to be in perfect alignment with my true self.

It is my wish and blessing to you who are reading this, to find the strength to be your truest self and live your best life. Your mind is the limit.

Keep greening 😉

Follow Kika & Dan on their Instagram and Youtube.
Learn more about Fondation Seguin here.

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