Family trip to Port-Salut’s Beach

Location: Port-Salut, South Department


I get excited when I’m going to a place I’ve always heard about but never had the chance to go. I used to be obssessed with this song by Reginal Cange and and the trumpetist, Mamina when I was ten : “Port-Salut se la ki gen bel fanm, se la ki gen bel gason…nanananaaa” and evidently I wanted to go find the place in Haiti where all the pretty people were hiding! Were they right?…. hmmm. I don’t know. But I got to taste a bit of salty heaven at Port-Salut.

If you’re seeking tranquility and a beautiful beach to  relax while enjoying some really tasty seafood, maybe you ought to check this place out. They also have a variety of handmade products by artisans for a super low price, from hats to kitchen items to jewelry. You name it.

A few tips:

  • Bring money for the entrance fee
  • Order food way before you get hungry, preparation takes a while
  • If you don’t enjoy feeling moss under your toes while in the water, bring beach shoes
  • Be mentally prepared for a beach that isn’t sparkly clean
  • Be mentally prepared for dogs and goats at the beach (that’s Haiti in general)
  • Be mentally prepared for a clogged washroom experience and lack of running water in the bathroom

I had a great time overall. Sure there are a few maintenance issues to fix , that’s the reoccurring theme in Haiti. But the experience especially if shared with loved ones, is priceless.

Below are raw, unedited pictures I took along the trip. Enjoy 🙂


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