Art expo: Yaël Talleyrand @ Fondation Théard

Location: Fondation Théard, Fermathe, Route de Kenscoff

“L’homme cherche la lumière là où frissonnent les couleurs”


I can see why the artist chose to have her event there. Far from the hustle and bustle of downtown Port-au-Prince. Making it past that grid already left me in a relaxed and appeased mood.

Because… the smell and cool breeze of the mountains, the blue-green fluorescent lights dancing in a seemingly abandoned room with leaves creeping in on the sides, soothed by house music all added another dimension to the paintings and the observer’s experience.




I was left in a trance.

Meditating upon every work of art, allowing myself to be fully present with the emotions they evoked in me. Feminine power, sisterly bond, sensuality, letting go of my rationale, enjoying the feeling of confusion and mystery when all seems upside down, calmness, poise, feeling lost in my own being, deep sadness and then hope that opening my third eye will be a reality for me in this present life.



I noticed that one of the reccurring motifs in Yaël Tayllerand’s art are rooms and the longer i stare at them, the more i feel myself entering another room in my being. I’m exploring a new facet of me. Reminiscing of those I’ve allowed to see that side of me and the ones to come in the future..

I admire her talent immensely, i loved that there was always something new i hadn’t noticed everytime i came back to a piece, her attention to details, her play with colors, how she makes geometry and life-forms blend beautifully.

It was a very inspiring experience. And for that i am thankful.

Keep greening loves 🙂

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