It’s Spring ! + May’s Expo @ Mikaline

Location: Mikaline, Bois Verna, Port-au-Prince


So it’s been 6 months since my last post
Time flies..
I’ve missed ‘this’
A lot has happened in my life since; A lot of adventures undocumented. A few hurdles here and there. Then the springtime came and reminded me that there’s a time for crying and a time for conquering.  So I’m back!  Y a y y y  😀

You didn’t think I would come back without bringing some goodies with me right ??! 😛 Of course not.
This month, Coralie and I were fortunate enough to model some of Haiti’s best designers: Michaelle Baussan Stines, Creations Dorees, Miko Guillaume, David Andre, Tresors de Gerry and many others who make me very proud to see such wonderful talents in Haiti.



Aside from clothing and accessories, my absolute favorite things are beauty products made with natural ingredients. Simple, well-scented, organic products. I love to say ‘if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your body’. Our skin is our largest organ and it literally absorbs what you put on it, wouldn’t you love to feed your skin cucumber, oatmeal or  coconut ?? These ladies are young and they are changing the market for skin and hair products in Haiti, super inspirational.

It was a  joy-filled experience. Unfortunately, we didn’t capture any of the modeling moments as we were backstage during the entire process. I was so anxious in the beginning, trying to find a balance between my conceited walk and my humble walk. Not sure which one I stuck with in the end but the energy from the small crowd took away a lot of the pressure.

This a picture of me before the show started. ZouleMakeup had me looking like a porcelain doll, how girly!  >_< haha

So which adventures did you miss in the last few months?

  • I went to a Rebel Layonn and Kiko Tru Rasta concert @ Yanvalou (finally!)
  • Emeline Michel, Beethova Obas & James Germain took my heart with them @ Institut Francais at a concert for PEACE
  • I was left in awe by Ama Makeda’s art expo ‘Ether Lives’ @ Hotel Kinam
  • I went to my first poetry slam in Haiti and Collectif Feu Vers left me speechless! Just flawless.
  • Tambours Croises exposed me to Martinique, Guadeloupe, Mayotte, Reunion & Guyana’s folk music. These songs are our strength. We must never neglect that.
  • Aztec’s 2nd Annual Block Party for ‘Cinco de Mayo’ exposed us to some cool new brands like Madame Sara and their tasty gourmet sauces

And I didn’t take a single picture because I was soaking it all in. Life is real my friends, let’s not get caught in the publicizing and let’s LIVE.

Love & Light to you all

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