Found paradise at Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve

Location: Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve, Obleon, Port-au-Prince.

Why look for paradise elsewhere when we have it here. Right here. Right this moment
Oh my, can I stay here forever and eva, eva?
The air is a lot thinner in high altitudes while panting and trying to catch my breath
Melissa is right: we have to help  preserve this, the future generation will hate us
Okay, I need to get back to working out. I’m about to faint.
Is that…Silence. Pure silence. Ah, that feels good

My thoughts. In that order.
Is how my day went down at Wynne Farm that foggy sun-day morning.
Such a beautiful, enlightening, powerful experience.
I missed being there as soon as we left.

Something about wandering on a 30-acre field, left in the company of untainted nature
That just makes you feel so whole and carefree
Dèyè mòn, gen mòn — “Beyond the mountain, is another mountain”
So why not enjoy the ride and the view while I’m at it?

I came out of that experience with a head filled and a heart full with
Appreciation for people like Mr. Wynne who founded this place for a very noble cause
A desire to grow my own food
A sweet tooth for more thé Citronelle (Lemon tea)
A duty to honor my pledge to contribute to nature’s survival
And an aching heart to share an urgent message with you all

Not to forget a super happy grin after meeting Rebel Layonn
One of my favorite Haitian reggae singers !!

(For more on the Wynne Farm’s history click here)

The greatest threat to our planet
is the belief that someone else will save it.
– Robert Swan

Haiti’s water supply is in critical condition

As most know, deforestation is a HUGE problem that has not been dealt with
In fact less than 2% of the land is forested !
So if we put this in simple math
No trees = no oxygen => no rain => no water to grow food and drink and therefore no life !
This seems a bit extreme but the problem is serious family
This is our planet and we can’t let it die
Think of ways you can help and actually do something. Anything is better nothing.

Trees equal Life
Trees equal Life

I share this post with lots of love
Hugs and kisses to all, near and far
Let’s take saving our planet into our own hands

4 thoughts on “Found paradise at Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve

  1. This place looks heavenly, I am sure it was refreshing to breath fresh air rather than our saturated/polluated air here. I enjoyed reading this entry


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