Haitian Contemporary Art + The Crazies

Location: Musée du Pantheon National Haïtien (MUPANAH), Port-au-Prince, West Department

I want to go back in time
Make the seconds last hours
Just be still and feel the spirit of every artist in that room
Let my thoughts and feelings flow at their whims
Taste the uniqueness and richness of each piece
Nothing else to add
Hope we reunite
With love. 

Very creepy thing happened though when we were leaving the museum!
We were followed by a bunch of CRAZY KIDS and they basically STALKED us the whole time and would not let me to take a single picture without prancing around and chasing each other like wild monkeys. Lol. JK 

It was fun having my sister’s classmates join the fun. It’s kinda shocking how many young Haitians have yet to visit the most popular museum in the country. Which is a big shame. I am also part of that statistic. My very first visit to MUPANAH was this year, after 20 something years. When it was right here this whole time. The historical artifacts I saw in there blew my mind in so many ways. It made me really proud to see our heritage. It would have been much more interesting if my elementary school had taken us on a field trip to MUPANAH rather than having us regurgitate facts about Haitian history. 

Special thanks to Clifford Timothé for the photographs as cameras are not allowed in. He was more than courteous and patient. (I still managed to sneak in a few pictures though #bawss #lawless)

Very special thanks to Smith Sajous for inviting me to accompany him while he interviewed, Martine Bruno Beaucicault, the Communications lady of MUPANAH. You’re awesome!

Keep on greening loves, your next destination doesn’t have to be too far 😉

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