The Artisan’s Place: KAY ATIZAN

Location: 43 Rue Magny, Petion-Ville, West Department

If you’re like me and you really like accessories and crafts, walking into Kay Atizan feels like finding a piece of heaven. The small store is intelligently decorated with its many artisanal items to make great use of the space. When you walk in you will probably find Simone, the owner, seated at her desk with a huge welcoming smile on her face. She is super nice.

Coralie and I met her coincidentally one random night. We were seating inside the shopping complex that KAY ATIZAN shares with a gardening store called Serenity Cove and a restaurant, which we later found was the KAY ATIZAN restaurant . A live band was playing and near the bar were a group of my mom’s coworkers. The whole reason we were there was because our mother had insisted on stopping by “for a few minutes” to say goodbye to her departing colleague. Her minutes were dragging to hours, as they typically do, so I decided to take a tour of the place instead of just sitting in a dark corner staring at my phone.

That is how I stumbled upon the store, which seemed to be already closed because there was no one inside but one of the doors was open. So of course I ventured in.
I was in awe. Every item was well crafted.  I quickly went back out and called on Coralie to share my amazement.

What makes KAY ATIZAN special is that it exposes the best of the best. If you head down to Champs-de-Mars, downtown Port-au-Prince, where they expose similar items, the price will be a lot less but the finishing touch, the precision of the cuts, the aesthetic sometimes lack. Not to mention that the area is not the safest. KAY ATIZAN not only supports local artisans by buying from them but it challenges them to better their craft and be more original.

If you ever want to buy the best handmade Haitian accessories or decorations, keep KAY ATIZAN in mind as you would also be helping hardworking artisans 😉

With that said, Keep Greening !


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