Crête-à-Pierrot: Ultimate Triump

Location: Crête-à-Pierrot, Department of Artibonite

There is something about learning a part of your past, the good, even the bad, that brings you a sentiment of being so much bigger than you are and yet so small in the scheme of things. To realize that a part of you belonged in the past and that you, along with others, have the possibility to create the immensity that is life as we know it.

The goal has never changed. Our memories and our connection to our ancestors who have birthed us out of thoughts and allowed us to enjoy this piece of land that we can call ours; These memories have been put on the back burner. Yes, we repeat them in history class. Yes, we post a paragraph here and there on social media about that special day. And of course, the most repeated phrase : Haiti the first independent Black country. My Goodness, it saddens me how far from that we have dragged ourselves.

An idea. A simple idea. Created inside your head, put out as a word can change your reality in the physical world. Our ancestors barricaded by the French oppressor on all sides made the heroic decision to battle till the last inch of their life for an idea that they wouldn’t even see materialize but they decided it was worth giving every part of their soul. It wasn’t about personal gain. It was about collective freedom and success and growth.

The goal is always INDEPENDENCE.
Haiti, do you feed your people the good food from your soil?
Haiti, do you educate your children to give back the worth of their knowledge to your success?
Haiti, do you have an army to defend you in danger? Do you raise your boys to fight for you and your girls to want to embellish you?
Have you let the enemy back into your gates promising you riches and fame?

Did your children turn the page, unknowingly starting the same old chapter but with a different name?



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