The Mystical Camp Coq

Location: Camp Coq, North Department

Coralie and I hesitated about publishing this one because somebody has already gotten “murdered” for speaking out about Camp Coq and many of Haiti’s other secrets. Well really, he died in a very bizarre car accident after giving a speech where he revealed a lot of things, most argued he should have kept to himself for his own sake. The man I speak of is none other than Daniel Mathurin..

But yeah…what can I say, we live life on the edge. We’re about that life.
The G life chose us, we didn’t choose it.
(Please don’t kill us…we’re so young…and life is so beautiful)

I really wish I didn’t have to write this post and I could just find a way to help you see through my eyes and mind what Camp Cop is like. This trip changed my perception of life in so many ways. I’m not going to cover it all in one post but don’t worry all will be said in due time.

This post is about Camp Coq’s mysterious rocks. Dun dun dun.
We only saw one of them but there are three along the river on each side. According to Haitian scientist, Daniel Mathurin, these rocks date around 35 to 110 million years old. What makes them interesting is that they have some really funky interesting symbols on them said to have been written by an ancient civilization. Back when Atlantis existed. pause for suspense

We’ve all at some point heard of Atlantis’ super advanced civilization who suddenly disappeared one day. We’ve seen the cartoon movie (if you haven’t…dude go back to being a child… just kidding.. maybe). I’m sure you’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle where Atlantis is speculated to have sunk and the ever weird stuff that happen sometimes when people travel that area: they go missing, their clock stops at the same time and all that SciFi coolness. Well Haiti is part of the Bermuda Triangle and Haiti is a very mystical country.

So what do these symbols say? From what I gathered, they may be instructions on how to access energy sources. Energy to fuel what? I’ll leave that to your imagination. And why would a civilization so ancient and “primitive” know anything about energy? Think about it

And since it is human nature to loathe or revere anything we don’t understand, the people in the area have used and continue to use this rock as a sacred worship place. I’d also like to mention that the US military paid particular attention to these rocks during their first occupation in 1915. They even took the liberty of installing hooks on the rocks so they could zipline their way from one rock to the other. Hey! Make yourself at home!.. Anyway, I would looove to hear what they have to say on this place!

Well folks, here you have it. Keep Greening because life is so simple. We are the ones who complicate it.


6 thoughts on “The Mystical Camp Coq

  1. Thank you sooo much for this post. I am from Camp Coq and as a child our nightly past time were listening to the local mystical stories. We have a couple more spots that should be visited like the castle of the first Prince of Haiti for example and many more. Appreciate the blog and would like your permission to post it on the new Camp Coq site.


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