Rustik: Must Go

Location: Rustik, Furcy, West Department

The travel to get to Rustik is a breathtaking experience. Driving up the mountains, overseeing the city of Port-au-Prince, everything is so serene and peaceful. Now add the beautiful voice of Darline Desca on your stereo to join the ride: and life is suddenly worth it. You get to see beautiful houses along the way.( Hands down: Haiti has some of the most beautiful houses I’ve seen; even compared to MTV Cribs. I mean, I’m not really into waste-of-space kind of houses anyways..)

So Rustik is a cool hang spot made almost completely out of recycle/ junk material. The floors are wooden and there’s a really cool tree-house-looking room that you should check out (if you’re not afraid of heights). The temperature over there is really chilly, so it’s perfect for those of us who want to escape the heat. There’s a bar, a small clothing store, and a lounge to watch TV and of course food. We weren’t staying too long so we didn’t order any food but their menu was very mouth watering. And I love how creative they were for using a wooden plate to feature their menu, I did get a lemonade juice and that was on point! I’m surprised because there’s been a shortage of lemon in Haiti. They did NOTdisappoint.

They also are the first and only to host a drive-in movie theater in Haiti. Big ups to them.

I had so much fun. Kisses to my uncle JoJo for saving the day ❤
The picture quality is not the best but that makes it a good reason for you to go check it out with your own eyes.

Wink wink. Stay GREENing 😉

4 thoughts on “Rustik: Must Go

    1. Hey sorry for my late reply, you can take a bus / public transportation that will drop you around Le Montcel Hotel then you’d have to take a motorcycle to do the rest of the trip. Turn left after the big church when you get to Furcy and tadaa ! Hope that helps.


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