He threw her panties in Saut d’Eau ?!

Location: Saut d’Eau, Central Department

Ok so let’s back up because my mind is still trying to figure out WHAT exactly happened that day

I’m admiring, contemplating the beautiful waterfall, letting my soul transported by the sound of the current and all that deep stuff. Suddenly I hear a commotion: A guy walks over, next to the small hill where I was seated, and throws what are seemingly a girl’s clothes in the water. And just walks away, almost angrily. Come to think of it: I didn’t see any naked girl. Had she brought a change of clothes? Dirty breakup? What was THAT about?
So, I look around and everybody’s body language is telling me that they understand what is going on because they don’t even flinch.

I got my answers from the 12-year old tour guide later on (he really looks like a 7-year old). (Side note: I have noticed that kids in the rural areas look A LOT younger than they actually are. Good genes? Malnutrition?..) (Other side note: They have a few kids around to help you get to the waterfall because it gets really slippery. Man, they are PROs! and they’re so nice).
Anyways! let me break the puzzle down to you quickly:

Not too far from the hill where I was sitting, overlooking the waterfall, there’s a cut tree where Notre Dame Mont Carmel, the Virgin of Miracle appeared many years ago and ever since people have come to regard Saut d’Eau as a sacred place where they come to get divine assistance and get their wishes granted. And from what I hear, people have been quite successful doing so.

The story says the reason the tree is cut is because of an angry Catholic priest who opposed the idea since this is considered a Voodoo practice.
I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think it’s possible?

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