Palace of 365 Doors

Location: Palais 365 Portes, Department of Artibonite

When 1 door closes, 364 opens. Get it? Get it? knee slapper

The actual name of this place is Palais de la Belle Riviere but because of its many doors, it’s commonly called Palace of 365 Doors.  It was built by Henry Christophe, same guy who built Palais Sans Souci. It’s currently under renovations .. so YAY to that!
Pretty sure the number does not add up to 365 though (and no I didn’t count…pshh).

We weren’t technically allowed in because of the renovations but luckily we got to visit the place. It didn’t take us long at all. It’s just an empty building with half painted, chipped tall walls and doors (of course). Believe it or not, this random guy. Out of nowhere. just started following us around. I mean, really close behind. It was SO creepy. In case you don’t believe me. I took a picture of him haha

This place is going to be super nice after the renovations are completed. The paint company ‘Peintures Caraibes’ along with comedian Tonton Bicha did a really cool commercial in it
If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below.

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